The Painting Style of Artist Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin is one of the most creative abstract painters ever. He was even able to create so many different types of abstract paintings. This was something that other abstract painters could not do. He was able to change his design frequently by creating new works. This made his abstract paintings more distinctive. Despite all of this, Zappin’s style remained constant throughout his career. This means that people could recognize his work.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Anthony Zappin’s painting style.

The Materials Used in Anthony Zappin’s Artworks

Throughout his long career as an abstract painter, Anthony Zappin created paintings that used a wide range of materials. However, these materials never changed. They always consisted of watercolor paper and ink. This meant that he was able to create an almost unlimited number of paintings. This was an important thing to do for an abstract artist. After all, it’s nearly impossible to create a single style of abstract painting that can be used to create an entire body of work. If you wanted to create a body of work that was abstract in nature, you had to use a wide range of different styles. Doing so allowed you to use the style of your paintings to create a unique body of work. Zappin used watercolor paper to create his paintings. He then added ink to create the pigments of the abstract artworks.

The Shapes of Anthony Zappin’s Abstract Paintings

Despite what many people believe, abstract paintings don’t just have one shape. In fact, they can consist of a wide range of different shapes. The abstract paintings of Anthony Zappin were especially good at doing this. This is because they were able to create shapes that were both geometric and free-form. This combination of geometric shapes and free-form shapes was able to make his abstract paintings seem like they were made up of both abstract and realistic shapes. Zappin was also extremely good at creating both positive and negative shapes in his abstract paintings. This meant that he was able to create abstract images that seemed like they were made out of real things.

The Color Schemes of Anthony Zappin’s Abstract Paintings

One of the things that you’ll notice about most of the abstract paintings created by Anthony Zappin was that they all had a purple color scheme. This color scheme was used to create a wide range of different abstract images. The purple color scheme was also often used to create portraits. This was an important technique to learn for an abstract artist. It allowed you to combine the abstract nature of your paintings with portraits of people. Other than the purple color scheme, Zappin’s paintings also had other color schemes. However, these other color schemes usually consisted of blues and greens. This meant that his abstract paintings had both a geometric and free-form feel. This was often the result of the different colors used.


Anthony Zappin was an incredibly talented abstract painter. This is something that you can see when you look at his paintings. He was able to create abstract paintings that seemed like they were made out of realistic shapes. However, the truth is that these shapes were all abstract. In addition, many of them had a purple color scheme that was used to create portraits. This is something that you don’t see often in abstract paintings. Zappin was an artist who had a very unique style, one that was able to last nearly eighty years.

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