The Artworks of Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin is an abstract painter who was born on August 25, 1985 in Huntington, West Virginia. He attended Huntington High School, where he was very active in the visual arts program. After high school, he joined the Visual Arts Center at Marshall University. He graduated from this university with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007. He then began to pursue a career as an artist. After graduating from Marshall University, he began to work at a few art galleries in West Virginia. His abstract paintings are very appealing, and they are intriguing to watch.

How Anthony Zappin Went from Zero to Hero

Anthony Zappin really wanted to become an artist, but he had no idea how to get started. So he just started painting and hoped that his work would be good enough to get noticed. Once he figured out the art form that he loved, he never looked back. After high school, he began to paint. He also started creating his own prints and selling them in local galleries. His work caught the attention of a gallery owner from New York, who has promoted his artworks.

In New York, Zappin got more exposure and was able to sell his work much more easily. He also made new friends, including a few famous abstract painters.

Nowadays, his art is has been promoted by many galleries across The USA and Europe.

Themes in Zappin’s Artwork

Anthony Zappin’s paintings are full of themes. He brings up complex issues that make people stop and think. His paintings can make you look at nature in a whole different way. Sometimes, he paints cityscapes that are very colorful and interesting. Zappin’s work often explores psychology and the different ways we interact with nature. He uses bold colors and shapes to draw attention to the psychological themes in his work. He also explores pop culture in his paintings, and many of his subjects are from nature.

Anthony Zappin’s Style

Zappin’s paintings are vibrant and visually appealing. His artworks are filled with bright colors and interesting shapes. His paintings are abstract, but they are also realistic. Zappin’s paintings are also very minimalist. They are almost entirely blank canvases, with only a few small shapes in the center of each work. Zappin’s paintings are also very high-key, which means that they are very bright. His high-key paintings have a very soft feel to them. This makes his paintings feel very light, almost like they are floating in the air.

Colors, Shapes and Subjects in Anthony Zappin’s Artworks

His abstract paintings are very unique, and they are also very appealing to look at. He uses bright colours and bold shapes to create his works. He also uses acrylic paint to create his paintings, which gives them their characteristic glossy finish. The colours he uses are often primary colours, such as blue, yellow, red, and orange. The subject of many of Zappin’s paintings is nature. He depicts animals in the wild and in their natural habitats, such as trees, rivers, and beaches. He also paints human landscapes and cityscapes, which is interesting, considering that he is based in West Virginia.


Anthony Zappin is a prolific and creative abstract painter. His paintings are full of bold colors and are very appealing to look at. This painter has an incredible talent and a creative mind, and he always comes up with new ideas and new artworks.

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