The Influence of Modernism in Anthony Zappin’s Artworks

Anthony Zappin, a remarkable abstract artist, possesses an extraordinary talent for creating unique and captivating paintings. Born on August 25, 1985, in Huntington, West Virginia, Zappin’s artistic journey began during his time at Huntington High School and later flourished at Marshall University’s Visual Arts Center (VAC), where he obtained a BA degree in Fine Arts. In this article, we explore the profound influence of modernism in Zappin’s artworks, examining his artistic career, painting style, and the themes that characterize his abstract masterpieces.

Zappin and His Art Career

Zappin’s artistic prowess lies in his ability to transform any painting into a distinctive and vibrant work of art. Through studying the works of other abstract artists, he honed his skills and developed a personal style that sets his paintings apart. Zappin’s journey as an artist began in 2008, experimenting with abstract art after an initial attempt at a portrait painting. Realizing his passion and talent for abstract art, he dedicated himself to its pursuit on a full-time basis.

How Anthony Zappin Went from Zero to Hero

From a young age, Zappin displayed a profound interest in art, frequently visiting museums and art galleries to broaden his artistic horizons. His dream of becoming an artist led him to create abstract paintings that exude uniqueness and vibrancy. Zappin’s talent allowed him to generate a respectable income as an artist, with his paintings fetching prices ranging from $200 to $800—a significant accomplishment for an emerging artist.

Themes in Zappin’s Artwork

Zappin draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including nature, pop culture, and psychology. His paintings reflect elements as diverse as mountains and human eyes, brought to life through bold colors that amplify their impact. By integrating various shapes, patterns, and colors within a single painting, Zappin creates captivating compositions that engage viewers on multiple levels. Moreover, he imbues his abstract artworks with meaningful themes, exploring concepts such as psychology, nature, and pop culture.

Anthony Zappin’s Painting Style

Zappin’s exceptional creativity is evident in his ability to produce an array of abstract painting styles—a feat that sets him apart from many other abstract artists. His ever-evolving style allows for the continuous creation of unique and distinctive artworks. However, amidst this creative exploration, Zappin maintains a consistent artistic signature that distinguishes his paintings even at a glance. His recognizable style ensures that his abstract artworks leave a lasting impression on viewers.


Anthony Zappin’s artworks exemplify the influence of modernism in the realm of abstract painting. His remarkable career trajectory, marked by unique and vibrant creations, showcases his exceptional talent and dedication to the art form. Through themes inspired by nature, pop culture, and psychology, Zappin’s abstract paintings capture the imagination and invite viewers to delve into their layered meanings. By continuously evolving his painting style while maintaining a recognizable artistic voice, Zappin remains an iconic figure in the world of abstract art. His contributions to the art world serve as a testament to the transformative power of modernism and its enduring influence on contemporary artistic expression. For more info about him, visit his blog.

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